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Good Characteristics of Software

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While developing software, process is followed that ensures desired results are arrived at by the developers. This process is referred to as the Software Development Process. When followed, the process ensures the program developed serves its purpose and is easy to use. First, a software is defined a set of rules and procedures that are to be followed by a computer while undertaking a certain process. These instructions are hidden from the user of the software, but one is provided an interface which allows interactive communication over the software program, whose instructions are executed by the computer.

Basic Factors to Consider When Developing a Software Program

  • What are the end users needs?
  • Who are the end users?
  • What Cost is to be incurred while developing the software?
  • When is the software required?

The ideal software should be able to meet a set of characteristics that can be categorized into three quality factors groups. These are;

  1. Functional Characteristics
  2. Modification Characteristics
  3. Adaptability Characteristics

These three categories are the main quality categories of software development, which should be observed to ensure that the software developed not only meets the user’s requirements, but allows for both ease of use and seamless transitioning from previous, current and future software.

Functional Characteristics

These are the operational features that good software should meet. They include;

  • Correctness: The software should meet all the users’ needs
  • Learn-ability: The software end users should be able to understand and use the software in the shortest time possible
  • Reliability: Entails software being able to execute operations, without having glitches
  • Efficiency: The software should make best use of available resources
  • Integrity: The software should not compromise the user and other software operations in use
  • Security: Measures implemented in designing software to ensure, threats or security compromise is deterred

Modification Characteristics

These are the features that ensure the software can be customized and relate to the software’s internal quality. They are;

  • Testability: Quality software should provide for a testing environment independent of the software’s operations.
  • Scalability: Software should allow additional functionality to be implemented in future
  • Flexibility: Making changes on the software should be easy.
  • Maintainability: Users should easily maintain the software upon procuring it.

Adaptability Characteristics

These relate to features of the software that allow for easy transitioning for the end users from previous, current and future software. They include;

  • Re-usability: Where software code can be manipulated to serve another function(s)
  • Portability: The software being adaptable to different environments and platforms while performing the same function
  • Interchangeability: Software’s ability to work with other related software with integrity
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